A life project


The wonderful dream of two soul mates

José Polo and Toño Pérez, creators of magical moments...

In Toño´s words… “It all began in 1986. I still remember the first premises located in the Plaza de los Maestros, in the new area of Cáceres, where, with great care, we created a unique and special space; that dining room of fabrics and wood, of crystal and Cartier crockery and waiters who looked like admirals of the Royal Navy… those copious meals with a dream cellar that would be more appropriate for a French collector…

Today Atrio is something else. It has evolved, it has grown up… Its chassis is of design, with a purity such as only Tuñón and Mansilla could have devised and which shines with its own light in the historic centre of a monumental city such as Cáceres. Atrio has become a much more polished and dazzling professional space”.

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“Un sueño: devolver a la sociedad un poquito de todo lo que nos ha dado.”


Committed to Cáceres

This is a project in the City for the People

In Jose´s words… “The Foundation was born with the vocation to take on and manage in the future what we have been able to create in our time in Cáceres. With our eyes set mainly on the rehabilitation of Heritage, Culture and Training. We are neither more nor less than the desire to give back to society a little of what it has given us in what we have always wanted to consider a life project”.

Fundación Atrio Cáceres

Working in favor of culture, heritage conservation and the development of Cáceres.