Years of many and centuries of all

A few years were enough to make us feel part of the city in which we work and live. A few years of work to weave in a kitchen a project with the wickerwork of culture, architecture and the conservation and enhancement of our heritage. A few years to bet on what is best and most enduring in time, on the pampering of stone and its sounds, on music and any other cultural expression, on rehabilitation with respect and with our eyes set on the next centuries. We wanted to set up this Foundation so that nothing is lost, so that those who wish to follow us and join us, and so that Cáceres grows and offers to its people and to those who come to know it what many of us have always wanted to find here.

A project of many, for all, forged over the years and with a vocation to last for centuries.

“We need a few years to realise that the important thing is to understand where we are going.”

Fundación Atrio Cáceres

Working in favor of culture, heritage conservation and the development of Cáceres.